Free Online Hebrew Course with Audio

Free Online Hebrew Course with Audio from ehebrew.netLooking to brush up on your conversational Hebrew? The following free online Hebrew course consists of ten lessons. It is designed for those with a basic background in spoken and written Hebrew. Each lesson consists of a short dialogue, grammar notes, and practice drills. Lessons also come with a recorded version so you can learn the proper pronunciation of the words and phrases.


Lesson One– Greetings

Lesson Two– Introductions; The Direct Object Preposition

Lesson Three– Introductions Continued; Alternative Noun Forms; Dual Number in Nouns

Lesson Four– Housing Arrangements; The Preposition ‘Shel -‘ ‘Of’; Contraction of ‘Le-‘ and ‘Ha-‘ ‘To The’.

Lesson Five– Speaking Hebrew; Past Tense of Verbs – First and Second Person; Alternation ‘Mi’ and ‘Me’ – ‘From’; Consonant Alternation ‘B’ and ‘V’

Lesson Six– Asking Directions; Stark Imperatives; Gentle Imperatives; Negative Imperatives; Contraction of The ‘Be’ and ‘Ha’ – ‘At The’ and ‘In The;’ Alternative Forms of  ‘Ve’ and ‘Oo’ – ‘And’; Loss of the Final Stem Vowel in Verbs

Lesson Seven– Wandering Through Tel Aviv; Gender and Number – Present Tense Verbs and Adjectives; ‘-T’ Suffix Feminine Forms; Present Tense of Verbs with Stem pattern ‘eh-a’ / ‘a-at’; Present Tense Pattern ‘Mo-tzeh/ Mot-tzet’; Present Tense Pattern ‘Nim-tza/ Nim-tzet’; Derived Adjectives with ‘ee’

Lesson Eight– Wandering Through Tel Aviv (Continued); ‘Ah’ Suffix of ‘Lam-ed Hey’ Verbs; Common Adjective Pattern; Adjectives Ending in ‘Ach’

Lesson Nine– Wandering Through Tel Aviv (Continued); The Preposition ‘Etz-el’; Definite Article ‘Ha-‘ Prefixed to Adjectives

Lesson Ten– Wandering Through Tel Aviv (Concluded); The Relative Conjunction ‘She-‘; The Conjunction ‘Ksheh’; Adjectives Used to Modify Verbs

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