31 Yiddish Words and Phrases in English and Hebrew
There are a number of Yiddish words that have made their way into both modern Hebrew and English. Often speakers are unaware of the Yiddish origin of these terms. Below is a glossary of the most commonly used Yiddish words and phrases in both English and Hebrew. See how many you already know! Glossary of Yiddish Words… (0 comment)

A List of 36 Jewish Proverbs and Sayings to Live By
Jewish proverbs are not just cute things your Jewish grandmother would say. They are brimming with wisdom and insight and advice. In this article you’ll find over 35 Hebrew proverbs and sayings that can help you focus on what’s important in life. If you want to learn how to read this Hebrew proverbs in original… (0 comment)

Review of the 4 Best Courses to Learn Hebrew Online in 2021
The best courses to learn Hebrew online for every person and situation. On eHebrew.net, my focus has mostly been on bringing together the best free and low cost resources to learn Modern and Biblical Hebrew. But, I’m often asked for my recommendations on paid Hebrew language learning programs, too. So, I’ve decided to put together… (0 comment)