50+ FREE Hebrew Resources to Learn Hebrew Online

50+ Free Hebrew Resources to Learn the Hebrew LanguageBelow is an up-to-date list of over 50 quality free Hebrew resources for learning Modern and Biblical Hebrew. If you are self-motivated, and you want to learn to speak, read, and write Hebrew at an intermediate level, then you can seriously use these tools, tutorials, and study aides to get there. Many of these free Hebrew resources also have audio elements that allow you to hear the proper pronunciation.

If you know of any other free online resources to learn Hebrew that are not mentioned here, let us know at ehebrewnet1[at]gmail[dot]com.


Free Online Tutorials and Software

Free Online Study Aides

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet

Quick References for Basic Hebrew

Hebrew-English Online Dictionaries & Translation

Virtual Hebrew Keyboards

Free Hebrew Fonts for Download

Miscellaneous Free Hebrew Resources

Learn Biblical Hebrew Online for Free

Hebrew Resource List

Free Online Tutorials and Software to Learn Hebrew

The following is a collection of the best sites offering a free Hebrew tutorial:

HebewPod101– HebrewPod101 is a full online Hebrew course designed to help people learn how to read, understand, and write Hebrew. It has many free lessons, audio tracks, video, as well as a community forum.

Byki Hebrew Learning Software Byki has a free basic version of its language learning software. It uses an interactive, multimedia approach to learning the most important Hebrew words and phrases.

Duolingo– This platform offers a free, easy-to-use, and fun Hebrew Course with practice sessions. Instead of getting grammar rules or vocabulary lists, you jump right into using the language. You’ll start by taking an assessment test, and the program will adjust as you progress. There’s also an app you can use to learn Hebrew on the go. I’ve personally used this site, and I highly recommend it.

Hebrew Learning at the University of Texas– Online Hebrew tutorial from the University of Texas, offering a series of videos, text, and lessons to improve reading and comprehension.

Foundation Stone Online Hebrew Tutorial– This free online Hebrew course from Foundation Stone offers 17 lessons that will give you a complete beginning overview of both modern and Biblical Hebrew. There is also a software program you can download to use with the tutorial. (The link is a PDF document. For revisions, see this page)

Learn Hebrew Easily– A nice combination of visual and audio based Hebrew lessons

Hebrew Tutorial– This site has 16 lessons that cover basic Hebrew grammar

FSI Hebrew Language Course– Complete Hebrew Course from the Foreign Service Institute with audio. The Hebrew is a bit dated, and the text is hard to read, but the course is done well. (Update: the site is no longer up) Here at eHebrew.net, we’ve updated and reformatted the first 10 chapters of this course. You can find them here.

Learn Hebrew with Hebrew Pod101.com

Free Hebrew Language Learning and Study Aides Online

Each of these sites offer an assortment of quality free Hebrew study tools:

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio– this is an excellent site for those looking to get conversational Hebrew- especially if you are just moving to Israel or traveling. It has an impressive collection of Hebrew phrases with audio and translation as well as a collection of Hebrew Language Videos with transliteration and translation and 152 Hebrew Study Sheets with all the phrases used on the site.

My Hebrew English Dictionary– Hebrew words and phrases divided into categories with pronunciation.

Hebrew verbs– Learn Hebrew verbs by root, tense, gender, singular vs plural

Hebrew @ Stanford Multimedia– Here you’ll find a nice collection of audio and video clips in Hebrew and some other helpful study guides.

Kaye College of Education– A large collection of learning Hebrew resources, such as vocabulary worksheets and easy childrens’ books available online (Note: this page is in Hebrew)

Slowed down audio files– Improve your Hebrew listening skills and comprehension with these audio files of native Israeli Hebrew speakers that have been slowed down while retaining the speakers’ normal voice.- Foundation Stone

Gloss– A collection of short audio and texts with quick lessons designed to improve comprehension.

Hebrew math vocabulary– A dictionary of common mathematical terms

EHebrew.org– Free English/Hebrew flashcards organized by topic

Your Daily Dose of Hebrew– A daily dose of Hebrew words and phrases with clear explanations.

Hebrew University– First steps video courses for very basic Hebrew

Learn Hebrew Phrases– A collection of word lists with audio and transliteration by categories

LearnHebrew.org– Hebrew Idioms and phrases with detailed explanations

Dah Bear– Create your own Hebrew vocabulary list with flashcards and games

Chinuch.org– This site is actually for Hebrew educators, but it has a large assortment of free Hebrew learning aids that are great for those wanting to learn the language as well.

A collection short texts in Easy Hebrew

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet Online for Free

Learn all you ever wanted to know about the Hebrew Aleph Bet:

Jewishwebsight– Learn about the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Alef-Bet– Printable Hebrew letter charts which include the Hebrew letters in three formats: block, script, and Rashi.

Torah Tots– Learn about the Hebrew Alephbet. For audio, go here.

Judaism 101– A very good rundown of the Hebrew Alephbet

CartoonHebrew.com– A quirky, but fun way to learn the Hebrew Aleph Bet

Levsoftware.com– This site shows you how to write the Aleph Bet.

Quick References for Basic Hebrew

Traveling to Israel and just want to learn Hebrew phrases so you can get around? The following sites offer an assortment of common Hebrew phrases and idioms:

Linguanaut.com– A collection of basic phrases as well as a review of Hebrew vowels and numbers

eHebrew.net– Over 300 common Hebrew Phrases with easy transliteration

Learn Hebrew Signs– A visual collection of Israeli street signs and other notices with English translation

Hebrew phrases for travelers– A quick, printable list of basic Hebrew phrases


Hebrew-English Online Dictionaries and Translation

Need to translate a Hebrew text to English? Check out these free online dictionaries and translation tools:

Babylon Translation and Hebrew-English Dictionary

Google Translate


Virtual Hebrew Keyboards

MagicTyper– Type a text in Hebrew with this virtual keyboard

Gate2Home– Another Hebrew virtual keyboard

Mikledet.com– Send emails in Hebrew

Free Hebrew Fonts for Download

Gallery of Hebrew Fonts– Unicode Hebrew fonts

Free Fonts for Download– Over 30 free Hebrew Fonts to choose from

Hebrew Fonts from Oketz.com

12 Free Hebrew Fonts

Many Hebrew Fonts at Daniella.co.il

Several beautiful Hebrew fonts that are free to download

Free Hebrew Fonts from Zooloo

Miscellaneous Free Hebrew Resources

UniLang.com– An active language learning forum with several Hebrew threads and resources

Hebrew Books Online– Classical Hebrew Books for Free Download

Learn Biblical Hebrew Online for Free

Learn Biblical Hebrew online with a free Biblical Hebrew tutorial. You can find some great resources on the following sites:

Torahmates.org– Free Jewish learning with a mentor; includes learning Biblical Hebrew

Israel Institute of Biblical StudiesThis for pay program offers 30 short videos for free that go over the basics of Biblical Hebrew

Thinking Torah– Free Guide to Learning Chumash with Rashi (Subscription required)

Linearchumash.com– A collection of free workbooks on sefer Bereshit

Torahschool A series of free tutorials and other learning aids to learn to read chumash with Rashi

Torah Texts and cantilation aides online:




The whole Tenach online with nikudot



Did you find some free Hebrew resources that were helpful to you?

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