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11 Resources to Learn Ancient Hebrew Online for Free

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Have you ever wanted to read the Old Testament (called the Torah) in its original ancient Hebrew? With the following resources you can learn the basics of Old Testament Hebrew for free. Each resource is geared towards different modes of learning. So, make sure you get to know your learning style before starting.

What are Some Resources to Hebrew Learn Biblical Hebrew Online for Free? 

  1. Animated Hebrew– This site has many great free resources to learn the basics of ancient Hebrew. There are recorded lectures, charts, flashcards, and more. It’s definitely worth a visit.
  2. Bibilical Hebrew Study Guide– As the name suggests, this site is chock full of great free resources you can use to learn Biblical Hebrew. 
  3. Torahmates.org– Free Jewish learning with a mentor; includes learning Biblical Hebrew
  4. Eteacher Biblical– Watch 30 short videos that go over the basics of Biblical Hebrew courtesy of the eTeacher Group.
  5. Ancient Hebrew Resource Center– Learn to read Hebrew inside the chumash with this site’s series of 17 Biblical Hebrew lessons.
  1. Thinking Torah– Free Guide to Learning Chumash with Rashi (Subscription required)
  2. Torahschool– A series of free tutorials and other learning aids to learn to read chumash with Rashi


Torah Texts and Cantilation Aides Online

  1. Navigating the Bible – The Biblical Hebrew of the Torah (Old Testament) is sung. Study the ancient Hebrew in each portion, and hear a recording of the melodies.
  1. The Full Hebrew-English Tenach online
  1. The whole Tenach online with nikudot (vowels)
  1. Chumash with Rashi

I’m keeping this list of ancient Hebrew resources updated. If you have a free resource to add, let us know in the comments below.

Learn Ancient Hebrew for free Online

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  • I really would like to learn biblical Hebrew language!!!

  • I wish to study ancient classical Hebrew as found in The Bible. Do you know of any live video chats with teachers? Please pray for me in this endeavor. Shalom! And Shabbat Shalom! God bless you!


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