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Review of the 4 Best Courses to Learn Hebrew Online in 2021

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The best courses to learn Hebrew online for every person and situation.

On eHebrew.net, my focus has mostly been on bringing together the best free and low cost resources to learn Modern and Biblical Hebrew. But, I’m often asked for my recommendations on paid Hebrew language learning programs, too.

So, I’ve decided to put together a list of the top paid platforms and courses to learn Hebrew online in 2021. Just a note: This list is being kept small for a reason. I know there are some very long lists out there, but this is about quality over quantity, and many of those articles are, well, really outdated. Some of the programs mentioned below I’m affiliated with and will get a small compensation for making the recommendation. This will not affect the price you pay– unless I offer a discount, and then you pay less 😉

All of these Hebrew learning platforms offer live instruction and some form of one-on-one practice, which as I’ve said before, is really the best way to learn a new language. These programs also offer free resources and material or at least a no strings attached trial to learn a bit of Hebrew and give you a feel for the platform.

But, that is where the similarities end. Each Hebrew learning program listed below has a different package of benefits (which I’ve tried to highlight) and some programs may be better suited to certain learning-styles and life situations.

Top Courses to Learn Hebrew Online

Rosen School of Hebrew

Courses to Learn Hebrew Online: Rosen School of Hebrew Review

Main feature: Accredited, interactive distance learning program.

Review of the Rosen School of Hebrew:

The Rosen School of Hebrew is partnered with Hebrew University and is the official educational provider to both the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. It offers a wide range of courses at various levels, including Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew. There is even a Hebrew course for kids.

The program features certified teachers, a supportive community, and the ability connect to live, online classrooms from anywhere in the world. The classes are generally kept small making it easier to connect to the instructor as well as the other students. There is also an emphasis on understanding Israeli culture.

After joining the program, you’ll have access to a dashboard with your upcoming class schedule, a list of your classmates, and the latest forum posts. Students are able to chat with each other and the teacher and share screenshots in real-time during the live classes. If you missed a class or want to review, you have access to all class recordings. In addition to the live classes, there is a series of webinars and live practice sessions as well as articles and other informative content that can be accessed via the dashboard.

One other benefit to the Rosen School program is that it offers various certification programs as well as opportunities to earn university credits from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Courses to learn Hebrew online: HebrewPod101 reviewMain feature: An app-based platform for those wishing to learn Hebrew on their own and on the go.

HebrewPod101 Review:

HebrewPod101 is a full online Hebrew course designed to help people learn how to read, understand, and write Hebrew. The platform can be customized for different levels of Hebrew proficiency– from absolute beginners to advanced users who want to get more practice and learn more sophisticated words and phrases.

Each level has between 25 to 50 lessons that include realistic dialog, video and audio instruction, vocabulary learning tools and spaced repetition flashcards to review vocabulary. There is also a community forum, lesson discussions, and additional free lessons.

Users can access all lessons, tools, and other material via the mobile app, desktop software and the main website.

HebrewPod101 works on a subscription plan, with it’s most basic option costing $6 a month. It also offers a 7-day free trial as well as a  100% money back guarantee during the first 60 days if you decide the platform is not for you.

For those who would like the help of a teacher, there is a premium plan which includes: private instruction, a personalized learning experience, ongoing professional assessment, and personal assignments.

Ulpan La-Inyan

Review of Ulpan La-InhanMain feature: Best for private, one-on-one instruction

Review of Ulpan La-Inyan:

Two words that best describe the Ulpan La-Inyan experience are “personalization” and “patience.” La-Inyan’s online Hebrew learning program matches students with a private instructor who adapts the curriculum to meet the individual’s specific needs and learning style.

The curriculum is based on the Pimsleur method, which focuses on realistic virtual conversations between native speakers. Students start speaking Hebrew and learning the correct pronunciation and grammar  from day one.

For those who are not sure whether La-Inyan is for them, there is an option for a one-hour introductory trial lesson that costs about $40 USD. If you choose to continue, you can choose from a 10-hour mini course, 15-hour half course or 30-hour full course.

Ulpan La-Inyan also puts out the free Daily Dose of Hebrew— short lessons that can help you grow your Hebrew vocabulary in just 5 minutes a day.

Ulpan Or

Courses to Learn Hebrew Online: Ulpan Or ReviewMain feature: A blend of flexibility and structured learning

Ulpan Or Review:

Ulpan Or offers several Distance Learning programs that combine video conferencing, study materials, and private communications with a personal, native-Israeli coach, to help users learn Hebrew. Some programs are primarily self-study, while others more heavily combine independent learning with a live coach and partner for two-way conversations. These programs were designed for busy students and professionals who are trying to fit Hebrew learning into their schedules.

Ulpan Or’s program is broken down into monthly modules with either weekly or bi-weekly lessons and assignments. The assignments include both written and oral exercises that are emailed or recorded and then checked by the Ulpan-Or teacher.

At the end of each monthly module there is a 30 minute meeting with one of the teachers to review the user’s progress and set new goals for the next month.

So, that’s my list of the best platforms to learn Hebrew online. Have experience with any of these courses? Want to add one to the list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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