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Street Hebrew: 80+ Common Hebrew Slang Words and Phrases

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One of the biggest things that will help you get integrated into Israeli culture and enter conversations is to learn how to speak the kind of everyday “street” Hebrew that Israelis speak. The majority of Hebrew slang words and expressions consist mainly of a mixture of Yiddish, Arabic and English. Obviously, slang is more prevalent among teenagers and young adults, but there are some slang words that date back many years, even decades. A good example of traditional slang in Hebrew is the expression “Ma-nish-ma” which means “What’s up?”Hebrew Slang Words, Phrases, Insults

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the most commonly used Hebrew slang words and phrases with interpretations. I also threw in a few Hebrew slang insults which are good to know since they may come in handy.


Common Hebrew Slang Words

Individual words that have colloquial or street meanings

Eser Literally “ten” – Means awesome, great
Pi-tzootz Literally “explosion” – Means cool, awesome
Pro-texia Pull, favoritism, or nepotism
Combina Using the system to your advantage; an “under the table” or “off the record” deal
M’toomtam Stupid, idiot, moron
Ci-iloo Like
Yesh! Yes!
Sa-toom Stupid
Leezrom Go with the flow
Le-gamrei Totally
Magniv Cool
Shtu-yot Nonsense, stupid things
Debbil Retard, jerk
Tembel Idiot, moron
Zevel Garbage
Mispar A “character”
Shovav Mischief maker
Sachut Wiped out
Sabbon  Litterally “soap”- means sissy
Cha-le-veye If only
Fri’er Sucker or chump


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Common Slang Phrases in Hebrew

Phrases and figures of speech in Hebrew

Chaval Al HaZman  Literally “a waste of time” – Means awesome, amazing or the litteral meaning depending on the tone and context
Sof HaDerech Literally “end of the road” – Means cool, awesome
Al HaPanim Literally “on the face” – means awful, bad
Eh-ze Zevel! What garbage!
Le’echol S’ratim Literally: to “eat movies;” means to love drama
Chai B’seret Literally: to “live in a movie;” means to be unrealistic
Stom ta-peh sh-cha Shut your mouth
Ibbed et ha-rosh Lost his head
Si-pur ah-cher A different story
Kelafim al ha-shulchan Cards on the table
Or yarok Green light
Jook ba-rosh Crazy idea
B’shoom o-fen lo No way!
Met alei-ha Crazy about her
Nigmar ha-sus Out of gas
Ha-zaken sheli My old man
Yeled shel imma Momma’s boy
Asah galim Made waves
Asah par-tzoo-fim Made faces
Asah chay-yim Live it up
Chay b’seret Drama king, not realistic
Ve-od eich! And how!
Mah pi-tom?! Since when?!
Mi va-mi Who’s who
Kor ke-la-vim Literally “dog cold;” Means freezing cold
Bilbel et ha-mo’ach Drove him crazy
Yarad me-ha-pasim Lost his mind
Nafal al ha-rosh Lost his mind
Eize balagan What a mess
Lakach la-lev Took to heart
Lev shel zahav Heart of gold
Rosh patu’ach Open mind
Lo yode’ah me-ha-chay-yim shelo He is clueless
Peh gaddol Big mouth
Avodah aravit Sloppy work
Mah yeish le-cha? What’s your problem?
Sachek otah Go for it
Yafeh nefesh Sensitive person


Hebrew Slang Based on Arabic

Ahalan Hi
Achla Cool
Ars  Punk, low-life
Basa Bummer
Jora  Cesspool; dirty mouth
Kef Fun

Ala kefak or 

ala kef-kefak

Great, fantastic, really cool
Habibi Friend
Ya habibi Wow
Tembel  Dunce
Mapsut Pleased, satisfied
Fashla Screw up; mess up
Sababa Cool, great
Yalla Let’s go!


Hebrew Slang Based on Yiddish 

Stam Nothing special; no reason; just kiddingI
Ich-seh Yuck
Bubeleh; mamma-le Term of endearment to a female
Chutzpah Brash, opinionated
Shmendrik Jerk
Kolboynick Know-it-all
Schmoe Naive, a little stupid
Drek Worthless thing
Schlep To drag something heavy or to go somewhere with great effort or reluctantly
Yutzi Stupid
Shiksa Non-Jewish Female; used as insult
Shai-getz Non-Jewish Male; use as insult
Mensch Good person
Meschugena Crazy woman
Meschugener Crazy man
Klip Talkative woman



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