Top 10 Things to Do in Israel That Are Absolutely Free
If you are a frequent visitor to, then you know that immersion is a great way to learn Hebrew. The best place for immersion of course is Israel. (Just keep in mind that many Israelis know some English and will immediately start practicing it with you once they hear you speak. Don’t get intimidated.… (0 comment)

7 Fun Ways to Learn a New Language
If you want to learn a new language, but the thought of studying grammar books and flipping through a stack of flash cards is keeping you from pursuing your goal, don’t worry. There are plenty of fun and interesting ways to pick up a foreign tongue. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, most of the real… (0 comment)

How to Learn a New Language Quickly Even as an Adult
Want to learn a new language, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you feel you are too old to learn or just not smart enough. The truth is many of us tend to underestimate our mental abilities- especially when it comes to learning a new language. For example, do you know that adults can… (0 comment)